Bathroom Contractors You Can Trust With Your Remodel in Amherst, MA

Bathroom Contractors Amherst MAHomeowners who are tired of scrubbing their knuckles down to the bone in a vain attempt at cleaning a grimy and deeply stained tub can trust CareFree Home Pros as the bathroom contractor that can deliver the solution they need. With one of our beautiful new tubs or showers installed in your Amherst, Massachusetts, home, you can toss away the heavy scrub-brush and harsh chemicals as you’ll never need them to clean your bathing space again.

Replacement Tubs

If you prefer to bathe in a tub but haven’t been able to enjoy this luxury due to the condition of your bathtub, we’ll be happy to replace it with a new model. Our replacement tubs are made from virgin acrylic and coated with an anti-microbial agent that resists mold and mildew growth, making our tubs super easy to clean.

Replacement Showers & Enclosures

Homeowners who crave a modern shower system will love the showers we install, which are fully customizable with your choice of wall surround, accent panel, and accessories like recessed shelving and adjustable showerheads. We can replace your existing shower or convert your old tub into a gorgeous new shower stystem that you’ll enjoy for years.

Walk-In Showers

At CareFree Home Pros, we’re a bathroom contractor that has been in the business a long time. We’re well aware of common pain points that homeowners face with their bathroom, one of which is the safety risk that traditional tubs can pose to family members who are aging at home or limited by mobility. If you need to make your bathroom safer for a loved one, we can install a shower with a low basin wall that will be much easier to step into and out of. Indeed, a walk-in shower can make your bathroom much safer for those in need.

To learn more about our services and why we’re the right bathroom contractor for your home in Amherst, MA, contact CareFree Home Pros today.