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A Local Roofing Company You Can Trust When Your Home Needs a New Roof

Roofing Company Hartford CTRoof replacement is a big job, but an important one. As your home’s primary defense against the whims of Mother Nature, your roof is integral to warding off moisture damage. Keeping it in tip-top shape is a must, particularly in the Hartford, Connecticut, area where heavy snowfall must be contended with. If your roof could use an upgrade, your investment will be well placed in asphalt shingle roofing offered by CareFree Home Pros, the roofing company of choice for local homeowners.

Outstanding Weather Protection

We’re proud to install asphalt roofing shingles that are designed for superior performance. In fact, our roofing is strong enough to resist winds of up to 150 mph and has a Class-4 impact resistance rating. On top of that, thanks to Scotchguard shingle protection, our roofing resists black streaks caused by algae and will maintain its beauty for years on end.

A New Look for Your Home’s Exterior

As a highly experienced roofing company, we can help you sort through a range of colors, including high-definition options, to find the best one to complement your home’s exterior. Choose from shake, slate, and other designer styles to complete the look.

Expert Roofing Installations

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Roofing contractors who install, repair, or replace your roof must make certain they use the product accessories that are recommended by the manufacturer of the roofing materials in order to qualify for warranty protection. If a contractor fails to use the roofing accessories recommended by the manufacturer, it may void any manufacturer warranty.

With a CareFree Roofing System, each accessory is designed to fit with the other so our workmanship warranty matches the manufacturer’s warranty! That’s an outstanding level of protection for your investment and a benefit that will allow you to confidently choose CareFree Home Pros as your roofing company.

Learn More About Our Roof Replacement Service

If the roof on your home in Hartford, CT, or a nearby city has completed its watch after protecting your home for years, contact CareFree Home Pros today to learn more about why our roofing is the best choice for your replacement project. We’re a trusted roofing company that is well-known for providing industry-leading products, unparalleled installations, and top-tier customer service.


Standard vinyl Siding with old 3 tab roofing shingle

Standard vinyl Siding with old 3 tab roofing shingle


After CareFree Services installed the new roof and siding

Premium vinyl siding with new roof…WOW!