A Walk-in Tub Will Make Bathing in Your Manchester, CT, Area Home Safer and More Enjoyable Than Ever

Walk-in Tubs A Walk-in tub from CareFree Home Pros is the perfect option for homeowners looking for a safer way to bathe. As you age bathing can become increasingly difficult due to the fact that you have to lower yourself into and raise yourself out of the tub, not to mention the fact that you’ll have to navigate a slippery surface the whole time. Luckily, homeowners in the Manchester, Connecticut, area can turn to us for walk-in tub installation. Our walk-in tubs come with a number of safety features to make bathing as safe as possible, including:

  • A low-step threshold – Because our walk-in tubs come with a low-step threshold, you will be able to enter your tub without having to worry about slipping while stepping over a high tub wall.
  • Slip-resistant floors – Our slip-resistant floors will allow your feet to grip the tub floor easily, reducing your chances of slipping.
  • Seating options – Because our walk-in tubs can be equipped with seats, you will won’t have to worry about lowering yourself all the way to the tub floor.
  • Handrails – Our handrails will help you to maintain your balance while maneuvering around the tub or lowering or lifting yourself in or out.

Additionally, our walk-in tubs can be equipped with a number of luxury features such as hydrotherapy jets and heated seats, to give you a spa-like bathing experience.

For more information about the walk-in tubs we have available to homeowners throughout the Manchester, CT, area, contact CareFree Home Pros today.