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Obviously one size does not fit all. Based on individual factors such as how much energy you consume, and how long you plan to live in your home we can tailor a window to fit your needs and budget.

Standard Replacement Windows

Dual Hollow Frame Window

If you are a CT or Western MA homeowner on a budget or planning to sell your home in the near future, EnergyWise Replacement Windows offer the best Bang for the Buck. No frills, no thrills, just a solidly built replacement window meeting both energystar recommendations and most homeowners budgets.




Thermal Windows

Energywise Window

Whatever the specific needs may be, EnergyWise Replacement Windows by CareFree Home Pros of CT and Western MA offer the perfect solution for your individual needs. And, EnergyWise Replacement windows by CareFree Home Pros come with a DOUBLE LIFETIME GUARANTY on Material AND Workmanship.

EnergyWiseEW Elite