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Bathroom Remodeling in Hartford, CT

Is It Time For a Bathroom Remodel in Your Hartford, CT, Home?

Do you need a bathroom remodel in your Hartford, Connecticut, home? You can know that it’s time to hire CareFree Home Pros for a bathroom update when:

bathroom contractors in weatogue remodeled bathroom

Your shower is difficult to use.

Update your shower for better accessibility. With CareFree Home Pros, you can consider low-barrier and barrier-free showers, as well as showers with built-in seats, hand-held shower wands, grab bars, footrests, slip-resistant floor, shelves, and caddies.

You can’t get the stains out.

If your shower or tub has stains or rust that no amount of scrubbing will fix, then we can install beautiful, new fixtures designed for easy maintenance. Our 100% acrylic bathtubs are fade-resistant and feature Silver Shield antimicrobial protection to defend against bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Your tub isn’t holding water.

Whether you’ve found leaks or just noticed that your bathtub doesn’t hold water like it used to, it’s time for a bath remodel. We install durable, crack-resistant tubs with an acrylic design that’s known for maintaining a consistent water temperature better than other types of tubs.

Your fixtures look outdated.

If your bathroom looks old-fashioned, give your fixtures an update to transform your space. Compared to other shower and bath remodeling contractors, CareFree Home Pros can offer you showers and bathtubs in a wide array of colors, patterns, and finishes to match your preferred bathroom style.

Start Your Bathroom Remodel

If it’s looking like you need a bathroom remodel in your Hartford, CT, home, then contact CareFree Home Pros. We’re here to work with you for bathroom solutions and offer you the best with a free in-home consultation, a lifetime warranty on labor and workmanship, and our Lowest Price Assurance.

How Can We Improve Your Bathroom?

Don’t let your outdated bathroom complicate your life. Instead, contact CareFree Home Pros today for a custom solution. We are the bathroom remodeling contractor that homeowners in the area trust.