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How a Shower with Built-In Seating Can Help Keep You Safe


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For many homeowners looking to enhance a bathroom in their home with a new shower, finding one with built-in seating is key. A shower bench that’s built right into the shower itself provides a durable and functional element that can also increase the safety of the bathing space. Here’s how a shower with built-in seating can help keep you safe.

Safety Benefits of a Built-In Shower Seat

A built-in shower seat is one that’s designed into the shower enclosure itself. This built-in seating allows for:

  • Stability – Unlike a stool or other movable seat, a built-in shower bench offers better stability. It won’t move around, slide, or potentially collapse while you’re taking a shower. This is especially crucial for individuals with limited mobility or balance issues who need to stay seated rather than standing up while taking a shower. There’s less risk of slips and falls with a stable seating area built directly into your new shower enclosure.
  • Comfort – Sitting can also be more comfortable than standing, especially as you’re maneuvering around in a wet and slippery environment. Staying comfortable while taking a shower can also provide you with peace of mind about your safety in that environment.

For those planning to age in place, built-in shower seating is a smart option, especially when it’s paired with other features like safety grab bars and nonslip flooring. It can provide a durable and attractive component to your shower that can add the safety and stability you need to bathe in comfort.

Additional Benefits to Choosing a Shower Seat

There are other benefits to choosing a shower seat in your new enclosure. Many homeowners find that it provides a spacious platform for holding accessories and ensuring those items are always within easy reach. Additionally, with built-in bench seating, the seat creates a cohesive appearance with the rest of the shower enclosure, as it can match the design and pattern of the shower walls.

Choosing Built-In Seating for Your Next Shower

If you’re interested in built-in seating as a feature of your new shower enclosure, it’s important to find an option that suits your preferences for the dimensions and height of the seating area. An experienced bathroom remodeler can help you find a built-in seat that will fit the dimensions of your new shower and provide you with a seating area that will allow you to shower in comfort.

At CareFree Home Pros, we proudly offer and install top-of-the-line shower enclosures with built-in seating from the trusted brand Jacuzzi®. You can count on our trained and experienced professionals to help you find a durable and attractive replacement shower with built-in seating and all of the other features you’d like to create a safe and accessible shower space.

Contact CareFree Home Pros today for more information. We’ll be glad to discuss the Jacuzzi walk-in shower we offer and install and answer any questions you may have about adding built-in seating to your new shower. Oftentimes, we can complete shower remodels in as little as one day for your convenience.