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How Do Barrier-Free Showers Keep Water from Getting Out?


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Picture of the inside of a barrier-free shower with a built-in seat.

A barrier-free shower is an increasingly popular shower remodel option thanks to its easy access and lack of a threshold to step over. However, many homeowners have concerns about how exactly barrier-free showers work. In particular, you may be wondering exactly how a barrier-free shower can keep water from getting out.

How a Barrier-Free Shower Works

While most walk-in showers feature at least a slight threshold that helps contain water in the shower base, barrier-free showers are completely free of this threshold. Therefore, a highly effective drainage system is needed. A barrier-free shower features a gently sloped base, allowing any water to quickly get channeled to the drain. This prevents water from simply sitting or running off in a direction outside of the shower enclosure. While it may not look like the water will be contained in a barrier-free shower, you’ll see that it’s a highly effective design as soon as you start running the water.

Why Choose a Barrier-Free Shower?

For those concerned about accessibility, a barrier-free shower is a smart investment. These showers don’t require you to step over a threshold of any kind, creating a safer bathing environment that’s easy to enter and exit. Additionally, barrier-free showers offer a clean, modern aesthetic, helping to open up the space without definitive transition lines.

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