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How Do You Modernize an Old Shower?


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An outdated shower enclosure can detract from the beauty and comfort of your bathroom. The good news is, there are plenty of ways to modernize your old shower to give your bathroom the facelift it needs. From focusing on the shower doors to considering the benefits of a shower replacement, there are many options for modernizing an old shower space.

Ideas for Updating Your Shower

Some of the top ways you can modernize your old shower is by focusing on these key elements:

  • Shower doors – Frameless glass shower doors or an open shower that does away with doors entirely is a great way to create a completely modern look for your shower.
  • Colors and textures – Shower walls that offer the aesthetic of natural stone or tile can create an upgraded look.
  • Built-in accessories – Clean lines and a streamlined appearance can also help modernize your shower. With built-in shelving and other accessories, you’ll be able to keep the space clean and attractive.
  • New fixtures – The style and finish of your showerhead and faucets can also go a long way in updating the look and style of your shower.

In many cases, the best way to modernize your shower is to consider a complete shower remodel. While this may seem like a big project to invest in, the right company can complete the entire shower replacement in just one day. A shower remodel can provide you with a gorgeous new shower enclosure that offers the modern aesthetic you’re looking for.

Modernize Your Shower With CareFree Home Pros

At CareFree Home Pros, we specialize in one-day shower replacement services that make it easy and convenient to modernize your shower. Contact us today to learn more about how our shower remodel services can help transform your bathroom.