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Which Is Better, Fiberglass or Acrylic Tubs?


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Which Is Better, Fiberglass or Acrylic Tubs?

Homeowners who are looking to update a bathroom with a replacement tub may have noticed that most new tubs are made from either fiberglass or acrylic. How do these two materials compare, and which is the best choice for your bathroom remodel? At CareFree Home Pros, we believe acrylic to be the superior choice. Let’s take a closer look at these two options and you’ll understand why we use acrylic tubs in our replacement projects.

Acrylic vs Fiberglass Tub: Costs Doesn’t Always Mean Better Value

Fiberglass tubs tend to cost less than acrylic ones due to an easier manufacturing process wherein a fiberglass coating is sprayed onto the mold. In comparison, acrylic tubs are crafted by softening up the raw material with heat and then form-fitting it to the mold. This latter process is more hands-on and less conducive to mass production, hence the higher price tag, but it also ensures that acrylic tubs last longer than fiberglass tubs.

Acrylic Tubs Offer Better Performance

Bottom line is that acrylic is a stronger material than fiberglass. Acrylic tubs effectively resist wear and tear for years on end, while fiberglass is prone to scratching and cracking. Fiberglass also fades more quickly, especially if exposed to sunlight coming in through a window. And when it comes to maintenance, acrylic cleans up easily whereas fiberglass requires constant maintenance to prevent stains and mildew growth.

Our Replacement Tubs

We did thorough assessment on the difference between acrylic and fiberglass tubs. At CareFree Home Pros, we aim to deliver long-lasting solutions for our valued customers, which is why only acrylic tubs will do for our bathtub replacement projects. Indeed, our acrylic tubs will resist damage for years, and they’re exceptionally easy to clean thanks to built-in antimicrobial protection, which prevents mold and mildew growth.

To learn more about the benefits of our acrylic replacement tubs, contact CareFree Home Pros by calling us at (860) 453-0859 or filling out a contact form today.