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Walk-In Tubs in Springfield, MA

Having a Walk-in Tub Installed in Your Springfield, MA, Home Will Make Bathing Easier Than Ever

For those that struggle with limited mobility, taking a bath can be a difficult and even dangerous process. From having to step over the bathtub wall to lowering yourself in and out of the tub, the chances for an accident to occur are lurking around every corner. Luckily, if you live in Springfield, Massachusetts, or a surrounding area, and are in need of a safer way to bathe, you can turn to the professionals at Carefree Home Pros to have a walk-in tub installed in your home. Our walk-in tubs are equipped with a number of safety features that make bathing easy, including:

  • A low-entry threshold – This feature will help to reduce the chances of you slipping and falling while trying to enter or exit the tub, because you won’t have to step over a high bathtub wall.
  • Slip-resistant floors – These floors are designed to help you maintain your grip while inside of the tub.
  • Seating options – Our walk-in tubs can be outfitted with seating options so that you won’t have to lower yourself all the way to the tub floor, helping to prevent strains.
  • Safety bars – Conveniently positioned inside your walk-in tub, these bars will help you to maintain your balance while maneuvering around in the tub. They will also make it easier for you to lower yourself into or lift yourself out of the seat.

What’s more, our walk-in tubs can also be equipped with a number of spa-like features including hydrotherapy jets, chromatherapy lights, and heated mini jets for a truly relaxing bathing experience.

To learn more about the walk-in tubs that we have available for homeowners throughout the Springfield, MA, area, contact the professionals at CareFree Home Pros today.

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